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 What's your expression number?

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MesajSubiect: What's your expression number?   Dum Ian 27, 2008 7:19 pm

Your Expression Number is 1

You have the skills to be a top executive or businessperson.
But first you must develop your natural capacity to be a good leader.
You are truly original - with a creative approach to life and a very sharp mind.

You reach for the sky, and you have the potential to reach it.
Assertive and straight forward, you have little need for supervision.
You are self-confident, self-reliant, and courageous in your convictions.

While you sometimes fear loneliness, you prefer to be left alone.
A bit self centered, you may be hard to life with at times.
You also have a strong dominant streak - which can push others away at times.

What's Your Expression Number?
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What's your expression number?
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